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We will custom build a high performance engine for your old school GM, Ford or Chrysler to match your vision and fit your budget. We can build a new engine for you or rebuild your existing engine to your exact specifications. 

We are local family owned and operated high performance shop. We specialize in custom building high performance engines for muscle car enthusiasts.

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Shipping Custom Built High Performance Engines Anywhere in the World

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Most assembly line mass produced crate engines are good quality builds and are a good value and provide many years of reliable service for normal passenger car applications and we'll gladly install one for you if you like. There is also a huge selection of high performance crate engines available as well. These crate engines are built very conservatively and certainly do not provide the highest level of performance for the money. They are a cookie cutter mass produced one size fits all engine and are designed and built with no regard for the specific application. It may suit your application or it may not.

A custom built high performance engine is designed and built to suit your specific application and provide your desired level of performance and the specific characteristics you want. In every instance without exception BIG Cox Motorsports can custom build a high performance engine to provide a much higher level of performance when matched dollar to dollar to a one size fits all high performance crate engine.

High performance drivetrain builds or upgrades.Transmission upgrades , conversions​, Rear axle builds upgrades , repairs

Hydraulic clutch conversions

Disc brake conversions

Suspension upgrades , repairs

Power steering installation , repairs

Without AC your available annual driving days are cut by 1/3. Adding AC to most cars is one of the few investments that will actually increase the value of the vehicle by at least the same amount as the cost to install.

BIG Cox Motorsports can install AC in your car working with Vintage Air products.



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